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Flour is a staple ingredient in every Indian kitchen. It is used to make a variety of sweet and salty treats. We offer high quality flour that has been hygienically processed at our manufacturing facility. We offer various packet sizes for each product.

Murukku Flour

The staple ingredients of murukku flour are rice flour and gram flour. We offer the finest quality murukku flour that gives crispy murukkus. The flour strikes a fine balance between taste and nutritional properties. We offer various packets sizes. Murukus or chaklis make a great tea time snack.

Wheat Flour

Wheat flour is obtained by grinding wheat. The wheat flour we offer is rich in gluten which is a soluble protein. It can be used to prepare chapattis, parathas, breads and various other food products. It is ideal to prepare brown bread if blended with maida. We follow stringent parameters during the wheat grinding process. Our clients can be assured of the finest quality flour.