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In every Indian household, puja products play a vital role. In our Indian culture, we worship our respective Gods before starting anything new. In order to perform the puja, we need different kinds of puja items. We at KRK Exports offer a variety of puja products that are a must have in every home temple.

Kumkum Powder

Kumkum powder is used for social and religious markings in India. It is a fine powder that is red in colour. It is applied on the forehead and denotes sacredness and auspiciousness. The offered powder is made using natural ingredients and colour. We make sure to use skin-friendly raw materials in the making of kumkum powder.

Vibhuti Powder

Vibhuti powder is made of burnt dried wood. It is applied on the forehead to symbolise wealth, treasure and value. Along with kumkum and haldi, vibhuti is also present in a puja tray. All the three are applied on the forehead. The fine powder protects the wearers from ill health and evil.

Turmeric Powder

The use of turmeric powder dates back to 3000 years ago. It has been used since the ancient Vedic culture. It is an important spice and is using in religious ceremonies. Turmeric is considered auspicious and holy in India. The robes of the Hindu monks were traditionally coloured with a yellow dye made of turmeric powder.

Sandal Powder

We offer powder of pure natural sandalwood. It is an Indian traditional skin toner and is used in rituals and religious ceremonies. It protects the skin too and acts as a natural disinfectant. It is recognised for its sweet, flowery aroma.