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Grains and pulses are grown all over the world and are considered extremely healthy and versatile. No Indian household can function without grains and pulses. Pulses are known for their dietary fibre and high protein content. Our products are known for its natural taste, unadulterated nature and numerous health benefits. They are extensively used to prepare various dishes in homes, hotels and restaurants.

Urad dal

Black Gram

Fried Gram

Types Of Pulses


We export a qualitative range of moong dal, urad dal, toor dal, arhar dal, chickpeas, red gram and much more.The pulses are high in dietary fiber andare a rich source of vitamins and minerals.The dals are processed and dried under hygienic conditions, thus retaining its nutritional properties.

Fried Gram

Chickpea, also known as Bengal gram is one of the most important pulses in India. We offer whole fried gram and split fried gram. It is used in the makingof snacks and rice items. It is usually dry roasted and eaten.


CFinger millet or ragi is a whole grain that is rich in calcium and iron. We offer high quality ragi flour that is made in state-of-art mills. It is a good source of calcium for growing children. It also make a great baby food.

Sesame Seeds

We have a variety of sesame seeds available with us. From hulled to natural to roasted, we have them all. They have numerous health benefits and are highly nutritious.Each and every product is organically processed and is devoid of harmful chemicals.Sesame seeds improve digestion.

Rice(Idli Rice and Broken Rice)

We offer the finest and best quality idli rice and broken rice. The rice is manufactured from paddy originated in Tamil Nadu. The rice is ideal to make crisp dosas and soft idlis. The rice is processed at a state-of-art rice milling and processing plant. We also follow world-class packaging standards.

Groundnut Seeds

Groundnuts belong to the legume or bean family. It is an essential oil and food crop. It is an important source of protein, edible oil, fats, minerals, vitamins and energy. We offer high quality groundnuts that can be used in Indian and Asian cooking. It can be eaten as a snack too.

Rosted Sooji

Sooji is a healthy alternative to flour. It is used to make a variety of sweet and savoury dishes. The sooji we offer is processed in modern milling machines. It has a rich taste and flavour. It also has a long shelf-life. We’re among the few exporters that offer roasted sooji.

Rice Flakes

Rice flakes are prepared from paddy. It is also known as poha or beaten rice. It is extremely healthy and is easily digestible. It makes a great breakfast item. Rice flakes are flattened dry flakes. The offered product is free from additives or contaminants.