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Ground spices are derived from whole spice. Spices play a major role in enhancing the taste of food. We at KRK Exports offer a variety of spices that have a spicy, sweet, sour and smoky effect on food.


Popularly called Jeera in India, cumin belongs to the parsley family. It is known for its nutty aroma. We roast cumin seeds to enhance the fragrance of the cumin powder. It can be sprinkled on rice, dips, curries and sauces.


Fenugreek is an ancient spice known for its numerous health benefits. The fenugreek powder we supply is brownish yellow in colour with a bitter flavour and strong aroma. The pungency of the powder enhances the flavour of curries, gravies and rice items.

Dry Chilli

Red chilli powder is central to Indian cooking. It has a strong and sharp aroma and has a spicy effect when added to food. It is a hot spice. While grinding red chillies, we make sure to retain the aroma, colour and taste.


Turmeric is derived from whole ginger fingers. The fingers are first steamed and then dried. The turmeric powder we offer is known for its purity, taste and medicinal properties. It is natural and fresh and pale yellow in colour. It is also free from rancidity and mustiness.